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Featured Product

Exciting things happening here at Newell’s Music for 2020! We have the pleasure to introduce to you the Paul Reed Smith John Mayer Signature Model Silver Sky.

John Mayer started the process of wanting to create a more modern version of the iconic Stratocaster in a variety of ways from looks, to sound, to feel. He reached out to Fender, but due to creative differences John and Fender could not settle on the details of a new Strat leading John back to the drawing board on how to create his own guitar. Next, John Mayer found Paul Reed Smith who was willing to take on this big project. Over the next few years Paul and John worked very closely on creating what John’s vision for a modern guitar was. Every detail of the Silver Sky was meticulously tweaked and adjusted to fit the perfect mold. The Silver Sky may look like a Strat, but it has several features that separate it as its own guitar. These features include the head stock design, the color palate, the pickup design, and the cut angle on the body.

The Silver sky has a unique headstock design, featuring a reverse and enlarged PRS headstock. John Mayer has stated that this design is not just aesthetically pleasing by placing the longest point of the body opposite the longest point of the headstock, but also it helps with a thought out system of suspending the strings at the perfect point between the nut and bridge.

The Silver Sky is intended to be the guitar of the modern era. As a result John Mayer decided that the colors available at first would be the same colors available from Tesla on their new vehicles. This is supposed to be symbolic of the guitar moving away from the classic era and into the 21st century. John believes that, like everything else with modern society, guitars should advance with the times. The silver sky is a reflection of that mentality and the colors are symbolic of another industry that is leaving its past behind for a bright future.

At the 2020 Winter NAMM show, Paul Reed Smith introduced two new colors (Midnight Rose and Polar Blue) into the Silver Sky line as well as a new Maple fretboard option available in all color choices. The Silver Sky line now features eight colors that include: Dodgem Blue, Frost, Golden Mesa, Midnight Rose, Moc Sand, Orion Green, Tungsten, and Polar Blue. The pickups are probably the most advanced of our time featuring specially designed pickups that perfectly capture John Mayer’s tone, the PRS635JM. These pickups eliminate the harsh treble frequencies, while boosting clarity and bass response. Hearing this guitar in person through a Fender Super Sonic tube amp completely blew us all away! This is by far the best guitar that we have had the pleasure to listen to and play.

Our final verdict on this guitar is a 10/10. Paul Reed Smith nailed it with this guitar, which leaves the competition in a hard place to try and make something equal or better.

We can’t end this blog without addressing the rumors going around at Winter NAMM this year. Could we see an SE Series Silver Sky in the near future? This would change everything again if PRS came out with an SE Silver Sky around the $999 price point (which is something they did with their Paul’s Guitar). It sounds as though PRS hasn’t ruled this possibility out yet, but we will just have to wait and see.